Local bird checklists and audio guide


Click on the first link for a 2-page Kennebec County bird checklist by Margaret Viens (PDF format), largely intended for field use. Click on the second link to download a Word version. The third link goes to a detailed checklist by Margaret that includes seasonal and occurrence information. Thanks Margaret!

Kennebec Co, short checklist  (PDF)

Kennebec Co, short checklist  (Word)

Kennebec Co, checklist by season and occurrence (PDF)

Below is an audio guide to local birds by the late Norm Famous, prepared for use at Viles Arboretum but useful in other locations as well. Norm provides guidance on how to remember many of the songs with human phrases. The guide includes local breeding birds and May migrants. The guide is organized by habitat:

Norm Famous audio guide to birds

Norm was incredibly knowledgeable about birds and liked helping other people learn them. He was an important part of our annual Christmas bird count for many years.